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      Purchasing Options

      Whether you are ready to enroll now or preparing for the future, NI offers a variety of cost-effective purchasing options to best meet your needs.

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      Save Money With Membership

      Interested in multiple training courses or exams? Available in six-month, one-year, and two-year options, membership is a cost-effective way to take all the training you need.

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      Buy Training Credits Now, Schedule Later

      Purchase training credits now and redeem them later for any training or certification offering. Valid for one year, credits can be applied to anyone, not just the purchaser.

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      Enroll in a Course

      Already know the course or certification you need and when you would like to take it? View the training catalog now.

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      Buy Software, Get Training

      An active software service contract includes 24/7 access to online training. The NI Software Suites include one year of unlimited access to live training.

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      Have Questions about Training and Certification?

      A customer education professional is ready to speak with you. 1-866-337-5918 or contact us.